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Updated: 3/28/10 -If there's one thing Stanly Noino doesn't lack, it's attention to accurate detail. See for yourself in Stanly's latest educational tale, Little Carrie at the Farm. There may not be a character named Carrie in it, but it entails a rousing excursion of Stanly's class to their town's urban and rural locales. People have asked why Stanly wrote assignments for the summer. The answer is that Stanly thought he would be clever by getting a monthly assignment done ahead of time by writing out more stories than he needed. That and we're not entirely sure he's aware he doesn't need to write them anymore.

2/2/09 -Well it looks like we managed to recover some precious data from a thought-to-be defunct old hard drive from Stanly's computer.  And it looks like we found the next story, The Shit My Ass Went Crapping, or Stanly Noino's Chocolate Factory!  With a whopping 34 pages, this is sure to be a heavy read!

7/17/08 - Even though it's not 2009 yet, another Stanly Noino classic has been written! This was written back in May of 2007 and is a story about Stanly wishing he had an older brother. It's entitled O Brother, Where Fart Thou and is sure to make you remember your own siblings, or make you feel like you had siblings!

1/20/2008 - Pokey Quest I Demo is now version 2. Don't forget the link is at the bottom of the main page in the "Other Stuff" section.

12/22/07 - Another wonderful update here at the Writer Reader Projects website brings you a special computer game for available download! It is "Pokey Quest I Demo" based on the loveable educational children's cartoon "Pokey the Penguin". Happy Holidays, or as Stanly Noino might say, "MERYYU CHRISMATS, HOMESLISE!"

12/10/2007 - Ho ho ho! A brand new Christmas classic has arrived in time for the holidays, on par with the original stories of Santa Claus, Rudolph, and other classics you remember from your childhood, or your parents' childhoods. The story of "Horfie the Selective Service Elf" is a Holiday epic to help teach the real meaning of Christmas to all who feel festive at the end of the year. So head on over to the Collabotron Story Funpage, click on "Read the Stories" in the right column, and then click on "Horfie the Selective Service Elf" for enchantment, whimsy, and wonder! Merry Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight!





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Stanly Noino is a fifth grade student at Gomeria Lakes Elementary School (circa 2006). For Ms. Naomi Hakniack's class, students are required to write a short story each month which is then read and graded by a partner from the class.

Stanly Noino utilizes the program Storybook Weaver Deluxe 1995 by MECC in order to write his stories. Each page contains pictures and text by default, but a sound clip has been added which may be played that will read the story aloud for the reader. So whenever you see the following object:





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Simply click on the "Play" button to play the sound. Don't worry--it doesn't start without your say-so! And if you don't see it, then... well... you're weird. Update your drivers or whatever.

Here are the stories:

  • November 2006 - Dino Park - Students take a trip back in time to the age of dinosaurs.
  • April 2007 - Thunderbutt - Out like a lamb, in like a lion.
  • June 2007 - The Shit My Ass Went Crapping - Stanly takes a cue from the big name authors who gave us "Captain Underpants" and "The Day My Butt Went Psycho".
  • August 2007 - The Vanilla War - Stanly Noino kicks off the end of his fifth grade year with a bang and several plops.


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