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2/2/09 -Well it looks like we managed to recover some precious data from a thought-to-be defunct old hard drive from Stanly's computer.  And it looks like we found the next story, The Shit My Ass Went Crapping, or Stanly Noino's Chocolate Factory!  With a whopping 34 pages, this is sure to be a heavy read!

7/17/08 - Even though it's not 2009 yet, another Stanly Noino classic has been written!  This was written back in May of 2007 and is a story about Stanly wishing he had an older brother.  It's entitled O Brother, Where Fart Thou and is sure to make you remember your own siblings, or make you feel like you had siblings!

1/20/08 - Pokey Quest I Demo now available in version 2. Don't forget the link is available at the bottom of the main page in the "Other Stuff" section.

12/22/07 - Another wonderful update here at the Writer Reader Projects website brings you a special computer game for available download! It is "Pokey Quest I Demo" based on the loveable educational children's cartoon "Pokey the Penguin". Happy Holidays, or as Stanly Noino might say, "MERYYU CHRISMATS, HOMESLISE!"

12/10/2007 - Ho ho ho! A brand new Christmas classic has arrived in time for the holidays, on par with the original stories of Santa Claus, Rudolph, and other classics you remember from your childhood, or your parents' childhoods. The story of "Horfie the Selective Service Elf" is a Holiday epic to help teach the real meaning of Christmas to all who feel festive at the end of the year. So head on over to the Collabotron Story Funpage, click on "Read the Stories" in the right column, and then click on "Horfie the Selective Service Elf" for enchantment, whimsy, and wonder! Merry Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight!

11/27/2007 - Stanly Noino wishes to bring you his latest meteorological work, Thunderbutt. Read and enjoy, as always.

10/25/2007 - There has been a slight change in the order of upcoming Stanly Noino stories as the result of some earth-shattering news. Stanly Noino wishes to announce his campaign for the presidency in the 2008 election! In order to celebrate this fantastic announcement, Stanly Noino has written up a story about what he would do if he were the president of the United States of America, and it's entitled Stanly Noino for President. Stanly Noino would also like to ask for your support at the polls and wishes you a happy Election Day.

10/16/2007 - In honor of the fact that you can now search for "Stanly Noino" on Google.com, we bring you an early (read as: month-old) update. So let's celebrate that those webcrawler bots finally caught up to us, thereby furnishing us a home in lost cache stores for ages to come! So please enjoy a touching romance story from Stanly Noino, entitled Romance in France, or, Why Do All the Nice Girls Hate Me?Also, let's give a big thank you to television, for perseverently insulting you, the internet browser, with its stereotyping paranoia that anyone who browses the internet is a stalking sex criminal who is up to unscrupulous activity in a land of make believe text. Huzzah~!

A blow of victory for the internet is the heralded return of The Adventures of Brian, The Confused Mail Clerk. This was one of the earliest collaborative storywriting sites I've ever known, which has transgressed into a veritable bathroom stall wall of graffiti. Wade through and see if you can't stomach its contents in order to add your own indelible mark to the eternity that is the world wide web, not just despite its inanity, but because of its inanity.

9/24/2007 - Stanly Noino has returned to school for the year, so look forward to more stories from him, possibly even updated on time (as if there's a schedule). Stanly wishes you to read a poem by him entitled If We Could Fly We Wouldn't Need Feet (which is what the Storybook Weaver Story Starter titled it, but then it is a "story starter"). He wishes to offer his assurances that it's totally yorf (that means cool in a relaxed, fuzzy sort of way, though he didn't use that word).

If for some weird reason you're seeking that Party Changer Alt Demo Link, it should also be in the Update History.

8/24/07 - This website is helping out by hosting a Party Changer Demo Alt Link which is a demo for an RMXP Script. This is Dargor's Party Changer Demo, uploaded without permission, but will be taken down immediately upon request. It's a really good script. If you use RMXP, I recommend it.

8/20/07 - The Case of the Missing Statue

By the way, you're free to tell me of a better webspace provider in the CBox or Guestbook. Or you can just enjoy those tasty pop-up ads for trashy internet services and spyware.

8/15/07 - We wish to express our apologies to our readers for the lack of updates from a fresh new webpage. Stanly has indeed been diligent in his schoolwork, and while we do hope to provide for you quality edutaining content, we hope not to put all of our eggs in one basket too early, so that the reader's experience may be further enhanced by anticipation.

However, it has come to pass that this recent lack of activity is in fact due to an incident which has recently taken place. It would seem that during the writing of one of his stories, Stanly has fallen off of his chair. There is nothing further to report at this time, but there will indeed be an update later today.

Update 2: Dino Park

8/12/07 - Strange Happenings at 1313 Mockingbird Lane

8/11/07 - My Dog Ate My Homework

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